Tuesday, November 11, 2008


American citizens in Phoenix recently learned of AZ Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor's plans for pandering to a Hispanic group's insistence that illegal aliens be further treated with kid gloves by the court system.

Read the “Hispanic Bar Association's” letter to the Chief Justice and her response at http://www.judicialwatch.org/documents/2008/KFYI.McGregorLetter.pdf

After reading the arrogant "request" from Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association and their cocky demeanor in lecturing courts on "politically correct" language, we'd had enough of liberal judges ruining our country with decisions based on their personal opinions instead of laws passed by elected representatives of We The People.

In the two weeks since her correspondence was made public, Justice Ruth McGregor has learned the outrage of citizens, and has rescinded (or back-pedaled?) her attempted ban on "politically incorrect" phrases.

We plan to file a complaint with the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct against Justice McGregor, and we urge you to join us as either a “Citizen of Arizona” or a “Friend of Citizens of Arizona.” We intend for both Justice McGregor and other Arizona judges to long remember that they're accountable to We The People and not those who prefer to replace transparent public policy for secretive operations.

Even if the Commission “whitewashes” the incident, the complaint will remain permanently on Justice McGregor's published performance review and won't be forgotten by Arizonans.

Both Justice McGregor as well as judges in Arizona and other states will have no doubt that Americans are watching their conduct and will subject them to the public embarrassment of a peer review.

Liberal Judge Ruth McGregor needs a reminder that she's a public servant, and that public policy is made in open public meetings. Special interest groups shouldn't be permitted to change court policy with dark-of-the-night letters to judges, no matter how confident they might be that the judge will “put in the fix” on their behalf.